Our Mission

To continuously provide our patients, business partners and their members with high quality, patient focused care, through a proven, cost effective and proactive approach to physical rehabilitation.

Our Philosophy

TheraMatrix’s rehabilitation program considers the whole person and is strongly tied to the patient’s perceptions and expectations. Our patients are more than a statistic. The impact of an injury or impairment reaches beyond the quality and productivity concerns of the workplace and/or home, which can affect an individual’s self-esteem, self worth, and family. These changes, however subtle, impact the work they do and the people with whom they interact. Through progressive rehabilitation techniques, patients learn to deal with and overcome physical challenges. The rehabilitation process educates the individual about the mechanisms of injury, proper ergonomic consideration for prevention, returning to work and normal daily living activities with knowledge and confidence.

TheraMatrix Physical Therapy Network (TPTN) Provider Directory

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TheraMatrix Physical Therapy Network (TPTN) is now the administrator of the outpatient physical therapy benefit for eligible members of the Electrical Workers Insurance Fund (EWIF)...

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