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TheraMatrix Services, Inc.



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SIN #: 595-28



Small Business designation


CMS Certified Rehabilitation Agency



Physical rehabilitation solutions provider of on-site clinical team management, staffing, and oversight, clinical administration, compliance, productivity, reporting, access and outcomes



General Information


Registered Company Name: TheraMatrix Services, Inc.

Doing Business As: TheraMatrix Services, Inc.

Office Telephone: (248) 333-3335 / 1-800-545-3422

Office FAX: (248) 333-0276

Web site:

GSA Number: GS–02F-0040W

SIN Number: 595-28

Veteran’s Administration Number: VA250-P-0251


Executive Summary


TheraMatrix Services, Inc. (TSI) is the exclusive provider of full service, on-site physical and occupational rehabilitation clinic management services to the United States Federal Government. TSI’s GSA contract enables us to assist government entities in providing outpatient rehabilitation services to government employees and their family members and/or other government-affiliated patients including, but not limited to, veterans and employees of the department of defense. We currently provide on-site physical and occupational services to veterans at the Veteran’s Health Administration. Through this partnership, TSI manages all aspects of the rehabilitation clinic, from setup and the hiring and training of staff, through managing day-to-day operations.


TSI has been providing on-site physical and occupational rehabilitation services since 1994, and is one of the nation’s founders and innovators in this field. Studies conducted by Johns Hopkins University Medical Center consistently rated TSI’s on-site rehabilitation services with the United Auto Workers (UAW) and Ford Motor Company in the 97th percentile, with savings greater than $50 Million, over a three-year period.


Since 1981, TheraMatrix Services, Inc. (TSI) has demonstrated its capabilities in providing on-site rehabilitation services in the following areas:


  • On-site Clinic Administration
    • Human resource management
      • VetPro and Government services orientation experience
      • Recruitment and retention
      • Staff management, including productivity and turnover
      • Benefit administration
      • Payroll, time off
      • Human resources regulatory compliance
      • Worker’s compensation
      • Human resources Policy & Procedure adherence
      • Shift management
      • Professional licensure/association compliance
      • CEU professional credit management – in-services
      • Staff communications
      • Professional medical malpractice insurance
      • Safety and health training


    • Clinic administration and operational management
      • Corporate oversight by TheraMatrix; a CMS Federally Certified Rehab Agency
      • On-site supervision by licensed professional
      • Staff coverage and management
      • Staff productivity
      • Professional compliance
      • Patient eligibility verification and authorization, if required
      • Verifying benefit coverage, if required
      • Immediate, convenient appointment scheduling
      • Monitor cancelations, re-scheduling of visits
      • Appropriateness of care: units/visit, visits per patient, etc.
      • Patient communication: reminder calls
      • Physician communications
      • CMS compliance
      • Billing, if required
      • Patient satisfaction surveys
      • Ensure professional, respectful services are provided
      • Accessible professional staff
      • Medical records confidentiality – PHI/HIPAA
      • Medical records storage
      • Coordinate and interact with local authority/committee/management
      • Government contract management


    • Facilities, supplies and equipment administration/compliance
      • Equipment calibration
      • Equipment safety & inspection
      • Appearance and condition of center
      • Ensure a safe treatment and work environment
      • Inventory of supplies/consumables


  • Medical Care Management
    • Clinical oversight of care and utilization management  by TheraMatrix; a CMS Federally Certified Rehab Agency
    • Accurate, compliant documentation
    • Complete patient care records
      • Initial evaluation
      • Daily visit notes
      • Re-evaluation note
      • Discharge note
    • Adequate/effective of treatment duration and therapy services
      • Percentage of goals met
      • Discharge disposition
      • Compliance to physician prescriptions clinical protocol adherence – physician orders, APTA & other
    • Quality Assurance
    • Concurrent and retrospective care review
    • Claims appeal management (including second-level Medical Director appeals)
    • Outcomes management


  • Reporting and Quality Assurance
    • Outcome studies
    • Analysis of the economic impact of on-site center care
    • Patient satisfaction monitoring
    • Ongoing performance improvement
    • Quality audit of on-site rehabilitation center including:
      • Quality audit of documentation of services
      • Quality audit of timeliness of services
      • Quality audit of appointments kept
      • Quality audit of appropriateness of services


  • Corporate Governance
    • Patient and provider inquiries
    • Patient grievance management
    • Call tracking and reporting
    • Membership communications


TheraMatrix Services, Inc. Assures Highest Level of Care and Service


TSI historically meets or exceeds customer-specific and industry acceptable performance standards as established by professional organizations like the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).


TSI’s performance is measured in areas that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assurance of the documentation and quality of rehabilitation treatment received.
  • Valuation of the rehabilitation services provided.
  • Determination of work status following treatment.
  • Determination of whether the injured workers seen returned to work sooner as reflected in reduced Days Away From Work and Restricted Days compared to workers cared for by community rehabilitation providers.
  • The economic impact of the cost savings of the program compared to workers cared for by community rehabilitation providers.
  • Evaluation of patient satisfaction with center services.
  • Observations regarding the intangible benefits of the program.


TSI is able to connect to existing EDI systems, providing administrative savings by reducing claims, calls and re-work of claim administration. All TSI IT systems and operations also are compliant with HIPAA/PHI standards as well as relevant state regulations, and meet the guidelines for business/disaster recovery.


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TheraMatrix Physical Therapy is excited and proud to announce the grand opening of our new DETROIT FACILITY. The new location is scheduled to open on November 24, 2014. The new address is 18601 Mack Avenue, Detroit, MI 48236.
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